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  • Article
  • November, 2015
  • Creating Value in Brazil’s No-Growth Environment
  • Masao Ukon, Jean Le Corre, Violetta Ostafin, Flavio Magalhães, Joaquim Côrtes
  • Despite Brazil’s economic hardships, opportunities to create value for shareholders can be found. But companies accustomed to easy growth will need to fundamentally recalibrate their approach. They must wring more revenue from a flat market, make their operations leaner and simpler, get more from their supply chains, and better use their capital.
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  • Article
  • October, 2015
  • When Social Responsibility Leads to Growth: The European Grocery Market
  • Marty Smits, Diederik Vismans, Stijn van Zon, Martin Wood
  • Responsible consumption (RC) brands—those that tout organic, natural, local, and fair-trade claims—are booming in Europe, and so-called A brands are losing out. But A brands can regain their leadership by combining accurate targeting with real credibility for their RC products.
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  • Focus
  • October, 2015
  • Think You Need an Emerging Markets Strategy? Think Again
  • Dinesh Khanna, Alexander Roos, Enrique Rueda-Sabater, David Michael, Janika Gauselmann
  • Notions of a binary world divided into wealthy but slow-growing “advanced” and fast-growing “emerging” economies are outdated. As a result, companies must find new ways to set market priorities. And this requires approaches that don’t yield fixed answers. Instead, approaches must be dynamic and agile enough to reflect changing environments.
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