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  • Report
  • March, 2015
  • The Transformation Imperative in Container Shipping: Mastering the Next Big Wave
  • Ulrik Sanders, Lars Fæste, Jens Riedl, Camille Egloff, David Lee, Lars Kloppsteck, Jens Kolind, Jannek Italiano
  • Overcapacity and fragmentation continue to plague container shippers, eroding their profitability and total shareholder return. To survive, carriers will need to step up their internal transformation efforts and extract greater value from their alliances. Mastering a three-pronged framework for change while adopting more sophisticated alliance models will prove critical.
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  • Article
  • March, 2015
  • Taking Shared-Service Organizations to the Next Level: Five Capabilities to Drive Performance
  • Andrew Toma, Fabrice Roghé, Matthew Marchingo, Rashi Agarwal, Sebastian Kempf
  • At many companies, shared-service organizations are a dumping ground for support tasks that no one pays much attention to. This is a missed opportunity. SSOs can improve a company’s operational and financial performance, provided they focus on the right areas. According to the shared-service experts we surveyed, there are five main priorities.
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  • Focus
  • March, 2015
  • The Ups and Downs of Gold Recycling: Understanding Market Drivers and Industry Challenges
  • Alistair Hewitt, Trevor Keel, Matthias Tauber, Trinh Le-Fiedler
  • Forces reshaping the gold recycling industry have presented complex opportunities and challenges for industry players. To capitalize on those opportunities while surmounting the challenges, companies must rethink their competitive strategies and operating models. Understanding what drives the market and how the industry is changing is a smart first step.
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