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  • Article
  • December, 2016
  • Why Life Insurers and Asset Managers Must Join Forces to Win
  • Walter Reinl, Andrea Giudici, Ofir Eyal
  • Growth in the life insurance industry has stalled, raising the stakes for improving investment returns and pitting insurers against internal asset managers. The result has been a series of zero-sum battles in a war with no winners. To achieve higher returns, the parties must close ranks and work together in a structured process.
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  • Article
  • December, 2016
  • Three Ways Nondurables Companies Can Create Value in a Tough Market: The 2016 Consumer Value Creators Series
  • Jeff Gell, Ketil Gjerstad, Phillip Shinall, Jean Kim, Jenny Lytle
  • Over the past five years, nondurables companies’ value creation has been due primarily to their being perceived as defensive stocks in a low-growth market. However, such gains are no longer there, and companies seeking to deliver returns to their shareholders need to get back to fundamentals—strong brand portfolios, core capabilities, and business systems that give them an edge.

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  • Report
  • December, 2016
  • Sailing in Strong Winds: The New Normal in Global Trade and Container Shipping
  • Camille Egloff, Ulrik Sanders, Dinesh Khanna, Sanjaya Mohottala, Konstantina Georgaki, George Stratigis, Kirsten Xu
  • The global container-shipping industry faces stiffening headwinds. To survive, container carriers must continue to drive change aimed at boosting their performance. In-depth analysis reveals the powerful forces that are buffeting industry players and points to potent moves they can make, along with moves they should avoid.
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