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  • Article
  • July, 2012
  • Rethinking the Marketing Organization
  • Gabrielle Novacek, Lucy Brady, Stephen Moeller, Alexander Purdy
  • Many consumer-products companies have complex marketing organizations that hinder strategic focus, decision making, and responsiveness—undermining their ability to compete effectively in a changing marketplace. Here’s how to rethink the traditional model and rebuild a leaner, more agile structure that better meets today’s strategic challenges and cost pressures.

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  • Focus
  • July, 2012
  • Recession Mentality Deeply Ingrained: A Downturn Too Long and Too Deep; Consumers Too Scarred and Too Scared
  • Michael Silverstein, Catherine Roche, Sarah Milton
  • Consumers in the world’s richest markets have tightened their belts and are bracing for a sustained period of weak income growth. Companies can thrive in this environment by delivering meaningful innovation, segmenting their markets, focusing on value, and preparing for the rise of a new middle class in emerging markets.
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  • Article
  • July, 2012
  • Long-Tail Pricing in Business-to-Business Markets
  • Just Schürmann, Jean-Manuel Izaret, Felix Schuler, Andreas Koppitz
  • For the most part, business-to-business companies neglect active pricing of the “long tail.” These products represent little revenue individually but significant margins collectively. By taking three steps, business-to-business companies can set appropriate pricing tailored to specific product and customer segments and achieve winning results.

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