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  • July, 2013
  • Getting Airline Revenue Management to Drive More Revenue
  • Vikrant Bhatia, Nicolas Boutin, Ameeth Sankaran, Masao Ukon, Raj Varadarajan
  • For many airlines, revenue management has turned into a “complexity trap.” BCG has found that a statistics-based approach can prove the value associated with revenue management tests and drive incremental revenue in the near term by 1 to 2 percent, including as much as 20 percent on single routes.
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  • Article
  • June, 2013
  • A Change of Pace in Chinese Consumer Sentiment
  • Jeff Walters, Youchi Kuo, Hubert Hsu, Carol Liao, David Jin, Vincent Lui, Waldemar Jap
  • Chinese consumers have become more skeptical about the short term; they are spending less and saving more. Nonetheless, their long-term outlook remains bright. Consumers are becoming more sophisticated, focused on quality and health. Middle-class and affluent consumers from small cities remain the biggest drivers of future population and consumption growth in China.
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  • Article
  • June, 2013
  • Regaining Pricing Control in a Multichannel World: How Manufacturers Can Rewrite the Rules of the Game
  • Just Schürmann, Jean-Marc Bellaïche, Amadeus Petzke
  • Now more than ever before, manufacturers are selling their products in a “multichannel” world made up of e-tailers, marketplaces, brick-and-mortar stores, and hybrids that combine elements of each model. This emerging commercial reality requires a much more strategic use of pricing and trade investments than was common in the past.
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