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  • September, 2015
  • Robotics Revolution: The Next Great Leap in Manufacturing
  • Harold L. Sirkin, Michael Zinser, Justin Rose
  • Falling costs and technological advances are about to fuel a dramatic takeoff in the use of industrial robots, lowering manufacturing costs and boosting productivity around the world. Economies at the forefront of advanced robotics adoption will be the biggest winners; laggards will see their manufacturing competitiveness erode.
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  • September, 2015
  • The Make-or-Break Questions About Autonomous Vehicles: Revolution Versus Regulation
  • Nikolaus Lang, Antonella Mei-Pochtler, Michael Rüßmann, Jan-Hinnerk Mohr
  • Widespread adoption of autonomous vehicles could eliminate 30,000 annual road fatalities in the U.S. alone, recover 80 billion hours lost to commuting, and reduce fuel consumption by 40 percent. No wonder consumers are excited. But before AVs hit the road, stakeholders must collaborate to clear technical, legal, and regulatory roadblocks.
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  • Report
  • August, 2015
  • 2015 ECS Value Creators Report: Opportunities amid Uncertainty
  • Jeff Hill, Jody Foldesy, Santiago Ferrer, Mark Freedman, Andrew Loh, Frank Plaschke
  • The engineering, construction, and services industry has struggled since the onset of the financial crisis, and total shareholder returns chronically trail those of the S&P 500. Yet a handful of companies have managed to deliver sustained superior returns. Learn how these companies beat the odds despite fierce competitive pressure and a challenging macroeconomic environment.
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