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  • Report
  • September, 2015
  • Overcoming Asia’s Obstacles to Growth: How Leading Companies Are Reshaping Their Environment
  • Vincent Chin, Ranu Dayal, Michael Meyer, Christoph Nettesheim, Bernd Waltermann, Jing Ting Yong
  • Success in Asia’s emerging markets is critical to the future of most companies. But they are stymied by the region’s talent shortages, overstretched infrastructure, and uncertain regulatory environments. Asia’s most entrepreneurial companies are finding creative ways to navigate these constraints—and are capturing the biggest growth opportunities.
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  • Article
  • September, 2015
  • Enabling Sustainable Compliance at Banks
  • Jeanne Bickford, Aymen Saleh, Pieter van den Berg, Kuba Zielinski, Brian O'Malley, Alenka Grealish
  • Few banks are satisfied with the return on their investments in regulatory compliance. To maximize that return, they must build the right foundation in the compliance department, embed a culture of compliance within the organization, and create an effective interface between the compliance department and the businesses.
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  • Report
  • August, 2015
  • 2015 ECS Value Creators Report: Opportunities amid Uncertainty
  • Jeff Hill, Jody Foldesy, Santiago Ferrer, Mark Freedman, Andrew Loh, Frank Plaschke
  • The engineering, construction, and services industry has struggled since the onset of the financial crisis, and total shareholder returns chronically trail those of the S&P 500. Yet a handful of companies have managed to deliver sustained superior returns. Learn how these companies beat the odds despite fierce competitive pressure and a challenging macroeconomic environment.
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