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  • Article
  • May, 2014
  • Subsea’s Midlife Crisis: The Challenges and Opportunities as Subsea Oil and Gas Matures
  • Philip Whittaker, Odd Arne Sjatil, Marie-Helene Ben Samoun
  • As it enters its sixth decade, the subsea oil and gas industry is confronting the challenge of maturity. Operators and suppliers, particularly in the North Sea and South America, must adapt their operations to confront issues such as aging installations, production losses, and technical bottlenecks.
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  • Focus
  • May, 2014
  • Operational Excellence in Retail Banking 2014: No Compromise: Advocating for Customers, Insisting on Efficiency
  • Christophe Duthoit, Christophe Duthoit, Michael Grebe, Nicole Mönter, Rob Sims, Ian Walsh
  • BCG’s fourth annual retail-banking operational excellence benchmarking found that the top performers among the world's leading retail banks have improved operational effectiveness while also becoming more customer-centric than their competitors. They are rejecting traditional tradeoffs and compromises between boosting efficiency and advocating for customers, and they are developing digital capabilities to address both challenges.

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  • Focus
  • May, 2014
  • Enabling Big Data: Building the Capabilities That Really Matter
  • Rashi Agarwal, Elias Baltassis, Jon Brock, James Platt
  • Every C-suite on the planet understands that big data offers enormous potential. But less understood are the steps they need to take to realize its full promise. Fundamental changes are required. By developing six key capabilities, companies can build a framework for enabling—and succeeding with—big data.
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