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  • White Paper
  • November, 2010
  • From Concept to Reality: Putting Value-Based Health Care into Practice in Sweden
  • Stefan Larsson, Peter Lawyer, Martin B. Silverstein
  • Value-based health care (VBHC) is founded on a belief that providers should organize care around the patient and his or her disease. By analyzing treatment outcomes, providers can identify, codify, and disseminate best practices. Payers can then offer incentives to propagate these practices. Some experts dismiss VBHC on the basis that it would be impossible to orchestrate given the divergent interests of stakeholders and the complexity of the system. The experience of the Swedish health care system suggests otherwise.
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  • White Paper
  • October, 2010
  • The Solvency II Challenge: Anticipating the Far-Ranging Impact on Business Strategy
  • Alexander Bernert, Davide Corradi, Duncan Martin, Philippe Morel, Nils Reich, Astrid Stange
  • Insurance companies are making tremendous efforts to comply with Solvency II, but to date their responses have been more mechanical than strategic. To recast Solvency II as a source of value rather than simply a driver of costs, insurers need to look beyond mere models and metrics. They must capitalize on the new rules by revisiting their business strategies, product portfolios, distribution approaches, and risk management practices. Some insurers may need to chart an entirely new course for their businesses.

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  • Perspective
  • October, 2010
  • Rethinking Scenarios: What a Difference a Day Makes
  • Luc de Brabandere, Alan Iny
  • Is scenario planning too cumbersome to be relevant in our turbulent world? A new approach to scenario planning rapidly melds the knowledge of senior managers with data on critical megatrends, delivering the core benefits of scenario analysis—enhanced strategic creativity and preparedness—much more quickly, while increasing executive engagement.

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