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  • Report
  • March, 2010
  • Rethinking Risk Management in Financial Services: Practices from Other Domains
  • The global financial crisis has underscored the need to tighten risk management strategies at both the system-wide and institutional levels in the financial services industry. Fresh ideas are needed to bolster a damaged financial system. In a report written by BCG and the World Economic Forum, a fresh approach is indeed taken: exploring other domains in search of lessons that might help the financial services industry better monitor, manage, and maintain the resilience of the global financial system.
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  • White Paper
  • March, 2010
  • Risk and Reward: What Banks Should Do About Evolving Financial Regulations
  • Philippe Morel, Peter Neu, Pierre Pourquery, Andy Maguire, Thomas Bulach
  • Financial markets continue to feel the effects of the global recession. Myriad regulators, governments, bankers, academics, and pundits of all stripes have shared their views on what really brought the crisis about. Strident calls for a “new playing field” have been heard far and wide. But what should ultimately be done to rebuild the current financial system into one that will be both more secure and more resilient when hit by unforeseen market shocks?
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  • Perspective
  • March, 2010
  • People Advantage
  • Martin Reeves, Yves Morieux, Mike Deimler
  • A company’s ability to adapt to incessant change is embodied in the way people make decisions and behave in the workplace. There is no adaptive strategy without an adaptive organization. Classical approaches to managing scale under stable conditions are too rigid for the rapid learning and change required in turbulent environments. Yet management paradigms die hard, especially when they have been the basis for historical success and offer the comforting illusion that a company can perfectly foresee and control its destiny.
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