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  • Report
  • May, 2010
  • China’s Digital Generations 2.0: Digital Media and Commerce Go Mainstream
  • David Michael, Yvonne Zhou
  • China’s Internet user base reached 384 million in 2009, more than in the U.S. and Japan combined, and is expected to top 650 million by 2015. One of the most significant changes in online behavior in China is the embrace of e-commerce: some 8 percent of the Chinese population shopped online in 2009, projected to reach 19 percent in 2012. Any company committed to engaging Chinese consumers will need to grasp the trends and implications of their Internet-usage patterns.

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  • White Paper
  • May, 2010
  • Collateral Damage: In the Eye of the Storm: Ignore Short-Term Indicators, Focus on the Long Haul
  • David Rhodes, Daniel Stelter
  • BCG predicts a slow-growth economy in the West. Our view is reinforced by the evolution of the credit crisis, particularly the questionable sustainability of public deficits; changes in government intervention, protectionism, and trade; and our belief that globalization trends do not favor job creation in the developed world. We highlight a proprietary 2010 study surveying 440 executives. Among our findings: executives are less enthusiastic about the economic outlook than many of their governments, and half of respondents expect an L-shaped recovery.
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  • Report
  • April, 2010
  • Innovation 2010: A Return to Prominence—And the Emergence of a New World Order
  • Jim Andrew, Joe Manget, David Michael, Andrew Taylor, Hadi Zablit
  • This report summarizes the findings of BCG’s latest annual global survey on corporate innovation. Topics covered include objectives, tactics, and perceived strengths and weaknesses. The report concludes with thoughts on how companies can improve their return on innovation spending and long-term competitive position.
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