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  • White Paper
  • February, 2010
  • Time to Engage—Or Fade Away: What All Owners Should Learn from the Shakeout in Private Equity
  • Heino Meerkatt, Heinrich Liechtenstein
  • Private equity and other investors have learnt from the crisis. They will increasingly base their investments on the question: “Is the owner engaged as a true owner that creates operational value rather than value driven by financial levers?” This report is based on our private equity database, interviews with private equity investors and over 100 academic articles. Developing a framework for operational value creation, it addresses the question what owners (public, private, family) can learn from private equity firms in order to improve the competitive position of their company.
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  • White Paper
  • January, 2010
  • Opportunities in Chemical Distribution: Optimizing Marketing and Sales Channels, Managing Complexity, and Redefining the Role of Distributors
  • Bernd Elser, Udo Jung, Yves Willers
  • This White Paper examines opportunities in the chemical industry—which boasted global consumption of chemical products exceeding €1.9 trillion in 2008—focusing on go-to-market approaches and distribution. Based on BCG’s proprietary databases and more than 150 interviews with executives at chemical companies, their customers, and distributors, the paper forecasts that third-party distributors will gain market share, particularly if they develop global and cross-industry capabilities. Chemical producers will benefit most by treating distribution as a strategic rather than operational issue.
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  • White Paper
  • January, 2010
  • Retail Banking: Winning Strategies and Business Models Revisited
  • Reinhold Leichtfuss, Reinhard Messenböck, Vincent Chin, Matthew Rogozinski, Steve Thogmartin, André Xavier
  • As important as it has been for banks to respond to the immediate challenges posed by the crisis, it has become just as important to take a strategic view of how the industry is changing. Retail banks were buffeted by challenges before the crisis, and now they are dealing with a shifting landscape. The changes, which range from short-term to semipermanent, depending on the market, will have a major impact on profitability and growth over the next few years.
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