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  • Report
  • July, 2009
  • Realizing the Multichannel Promise
  • Nan DasGupta, Mikaël Journo, Brad Loftus, Olivier Tardy
  • For many companies, the multichannel promise of cost efficiencies and higher profits has yet to materialize. But with a little planning and a relatively modest investment, most companies could greatly improve their offering. And it doesn’t require the daunting levels of technological change that managers often fear. It does require achieving strategic alignment, addressing organizational issues, and finding technical shortcuts. The payback in higher profits, lower costs, and reduced complexity is worth it.
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  • Article
  • July, 2009
  • The Threat of Global Gridlock
  • George Stalk
  • As ports, highways, railways, and airports run out of room, the world faces a looming transportation crisis. The current meltdown masks the threat, but once the recovery begins, a lack of infrastructure capacity, combined with rising oil prices, will constrain growth. Written by BCG senior advisor George Stalk, this publication is featured in the July issue of the Harvard Business Review and describes how smart organizations will use unorthodox methods to cut often-hidden transportation costs and outmaneuver rivals. View Article
  • White Paper
  • June, 2009
  • Being Bold and Agile: How the Chief Information Officer Can Help Beat the Downturn—Part II
  • Wolfgang Thiel, Ralf Dreischmeier
  • The economic downturn continues to challenge businesses in fundamental ways. Yet it is also presenting opportunities for truly transformational change. CIOs can play a critical role in helping their companies both weather the challenges and seize the opportunities. This piece offers insights on how CIOs can do so.

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