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  • White Paper
  • December, 2010
  • Lean Advantage in Media: Rethinking Operations and Building New Business Models
  • Astrid Rauchfuß, Olaf Rehse, Joachim Stephan
  • The business models of traditional media companies have long been under siege. Few firms have responded effectively to the challenges, however. Cutting costs has not been enough to keep established players competitive. Finding new approaches to operations—and in some cases, adopting new business models—is necessary. Lean Advantage is a powerful new methodology that can help media companies make the needed changes and transform their businesses.
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  • Report
  • December, 2010
  • Swimming Against the Tide: How Technology, Media, and Telecommunications Companies Can Prosper in the New Economic Reality
  • David Dean, Dominic Field, Ron Nicol, Frank Plaschke, Daniel Stelter
  • This report builds on BCG’s twelfth Value Creators cross-industry report, providing detailed rankings of the total shareholder return of the world’s top technology, media, and telecommunications companies. It distills managerial lessons that address the challenge of delivering above-average returns during a period marked by below-average economic growth. The report also shares BCG’s latest analytical tools and client experiences to help companies better manage value creation.
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  • Article
  • December, 2010
  • Don’t Replace, Transform!: A Better Approach to ERP Optimization
  • Kai Taylor, Karsten Schott
  • Inevitably, companies’ enterprise resource planning (ERP) landscapes grow more complex over time. Companies customize their systems to adapt to increasing demands as business objectives and market conditions change. Many companies also accumulate systems—a recent study indicated that the average number for large corporations is 17—through M&A, through new implementations due to expansion into new regions and business lines, and through other factors. This creates a high degree of complexity in companies’ ERP landscapes, with secondary effects on different practices and parts of the business, and makes adaptation of ERP increasingly challenging. But companies continue to try, spending billions annually on upgrading, maintaining, and consolidating existing applications to ensure that they can keep up with the business’s needs. Read

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