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  • Report
  • November, 2009
  • The Consumer’s Voice—Can Your Company Hear It?
  • Mary Egan, Kate Manfred, Ivan Bascle, Emmanuel Huet, Sharon Marcil
  • Our benchmarking study of consumer insight capabilities across 40 global companies representing multiple consumer-facing industries revealed four stages: from traditional, "order-taking" market research to strategic, integrated business insight. Most companies are in the bottom two stages today. To close the gap, companies must improve both the performance of the insight function and the engagement model with the business. Those that do so successfully can boost the impact of consumer insight—reaping the benefits in market share, customer retention, and profits.
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  • Report
  • November, 2009
  • Partnership and Action: Toronto Financial Services Strategy
  • Jürgen Schwarz, Nan DasGupta, Scott Belton
  • This report is an action plan to raise Toronto’s profile as a global financial center, and achieve economic impact including significant job creation.
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  • Report
  • November, 2009
  • Lessons from Consistent Value Creators in the Consumer Industry: The 2009 Value Creators Report For Consumer Companies
  • Patrick Ducasse, Jeff Gell, Marin Gjaja, Eric Olsen, Frank Plaschke, Daniel Stelter
  • The key value-creation challenge for consumer companies in today’s postdownturn economy is sustainability: developing an approach to delivering above-average returns consistently and over relatively long periods of time. This report defines four pathways to sustainable value creation, based on analysis of the world’s top sustainable value creators in consumer goods, retail, and travel and tourism. It also ranks the top 25 sustainable value creators in the consumer industry, as well as the top ten in each of the three sectors.
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