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  • White Paper
  • December, 2009
  • Business Model Innovation: When the Game Gets Tough, Change the Game
  • Zhenya Lindgardt, Martin Reeves, George Stalk, Mike Deimler
  • The retreating tide of a strong economy has exposed vulnerabilities in many business models—leaving companies scrambling to make amends and many looking for more fundamental change. Business model innovation (BMI) offers a fresh way to renew sustainable advantage as well as address downturn-specific opportunities. The article details the strategic elements of BMI, the variety of ways companies have benefited from BMI, pitfalls to beware of, and an approach for establishing BMI as an organizational capability.
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  • Report
  • December, 2009
  • Creating Social Impact: Strategic Use of Resources in the Social Sector
  • Ulrich Villis, Pia Hardy, Tom Lewis
  • Achieving true social impact is becoming increasingly important to all players involved in the social sector. A clear social-investment strategy can help social-sector organizations increase the impact of their investments. This report explores how to create such a strategy and improve preintervention decision making. It presents BCG’s four-step approach to assessing an intervention’s inputs, outputs, impact, and value creation. It also includes a detailed case study of REACH, a multistakeholder partnership aimed at ending child hunger.
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  • Report
  • December, 2009
  • Investment Banking and Capital Markets Report, Third Quarter 2009
  • Alenka Grealish, Robert Grübner, Shubh Saumya, Achim Schwetlick, Chandy Chandrashekhar, Tjun Tang
  • Investment banking performance improved for the third consecutive quarter. The results suggest that the industry’s recovery is beginning to solidify. The BCG Investment Banking Performance Index is hovering around its precrisis level. And for the first time since the crisis began, all of the banks in the index generated positive gross operating profits—net revenues actually declined slightly, but gross operating expenses fell by 3 percent.
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