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  • Report
  • July, 2009
  • Building an Operating Model for the Next-Generation Investment Bank
  • Carsten Baumgärtner, Chandy Chandrashekhar, Nicholas Glenning, Nicolas Harlé, Duncan Martin, Shubh Saumya, Achim Schwetlick, Tjun Tang
  • The financial crisis has already prompted some investment banks to recast their business models. Without a commensurate change in operations, however, these new businesses will have little more than a strategic vision to ensure their success. Operational efficiency will be critical, but other forces must be factored into the program for transforming the operating model. They include a higher degree of regulatory scrutiny, the need for greater transparency, the shift to high-volume activities, and the threats posed by operational risks.
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  • White Paper
  • July, 2009
  • Drawing Lessons from the Past to Chart a Course for Insurers: Collateral Damage—Industry Focus
  • Felix Kühlmann, Jan Willem Kuenen, Astrid Stange
  • The financial crisis continues to raise troubling questions for insurers. Which scenarios are likely to emerge, and what will they mean for the insurance sector? What steps can insurers take now to overcome the turmoil and position their companies for growth? To answer these questions, we analyzed some of the most severe crises of the past century. Although the current crisis is often described unprecedented—and it is unique in many ways—there are important parallels with the past.
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  • Report
  • July, 2009
  • Realizing the Multichannel Promise
  • Nan DasGupta, Mikaël Journo, Brad Loftus, Olivier Tardy
  • For many companies, the multichannel promise of cost efficiencies and higher profits has yet to materialize. But with a little planning and a relatively modest investment, most companies could greatly improve their offering. And it doesn’t require the daunting levels of technological change that managers often fear. It does require achieving strategic alignment, addressing organizational issues, and finding technical shortcuts. The payback in higher profits, lower costs, and reduced complexity is worth it.
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