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  • Focus
  • May, 2010
  • Megatrends: Tailwinds for Growth in a Low-Growth Environment
  • Alison Sander, Knut Haanæs, Mike Deimler
  • The recession offered a powerful reality test for megatrends. The ones that survived the downturn and even grew in spite of it are worth paying attention to. Of the 78 megatrends BCG has tracked since 2005, 80 percent continued to grow during the downturn and 23 trends actually strengthened in their influence on markets. These trends and trend clusters (groups of mutually reinforcing trends) will open up a new strategic landscape for companies that move quickly to leverage them.

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  • Focus
  • May, 2010
  • Trends in Postmerger Integration V: Cross-Border PMI: Understanding and Overcoming the Challenges
  • Peter Strüven, Chris Barrett, Niamh Dawson, Daniel Friedman, Peter Goldsbrough
  • Cross-border mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are on the increase in virtually every sector across the globe. Although such transactions offer significant advantages, they also pose several postmerger integration (PMI) challenges, ranging from difficulties in obtaining reliable, accurate information about a target to cultural, political, and regulatory hurdles. This Focus discusses five major challenges and suggests various solutions, drawing on the experiences of companies that have successfully executed cross-border M&A.

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  • Book
  • May, 2010
  • What Poetry Brings to Business
  • Clare Morgan, Kirsten Lange, Ted Buswick
  • In What Poetry Brings to Business, from BCG’s Strategy Institute, the authors argue that executives can enhance their ability to discern “weak signals” and manage ambiguity in an increasingly complex business environment by developing their poetic competence—the ability to read and interpret poetry. It is a first-person tale of Clare Morgan’s experiences at the intersection of business and poetry, with extended discussions of poems that challenge readers to hone their own poetic competence and, through it, their strategic creativity. buy at amazon

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