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  • White Paper
  • January, 2010
  • Competing for Advantage: How to Succeed in the New Global Reality
  • Arindam Bhattacharya, Jim Hemerling, Bernd Waltermann
  • BCG has developed an analytical framework—the Global Advantage Diamond—for assessing a company’s current market position and devising strategies to achieve global competitive advantage. The Global Advantage Diamond differs from previous global-strategy models in its focus on all four aspects of global advantage: market access to reach new markets and segments, resource access to maximize competitive advantage, local adaptation to meet the full range of needs of RDE customers, and network coordination to capitalize on the business’s global reach.
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  • Perspective
  • January, 2010
  • The Return of the Politician
  • Dieter Heuskel, Martin Reeves
  • Governments clearly played major roles in the financial crisis. With the economy showing signs of stabilizing, it may be tempting to think that things will soon return to normal. Rather, we are witnessing a fundamental and persistent shift of power that will require business leaders to reassess some of their basic assumptions. Government will play a much more pervasive role in business affairs that will significantly alter growth prospects, cost structures, and the ability to attract top talent.
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  • White Paper
  • December, 2009
  • M&A: Ready for Liftoff?: A Survey of European Companies’ Merger and Acquisition Plans for 2010
  • André Kronimus, Alexander Roos, Daniel Stelter
  • The second annual survey of European companies’ M&A plans, conducted by BCG and UBS Investment Bank, found that despite lingering economic uncertainties, a surprisingly large proportion of companies could do mergers and acquisitions in 2010. One in five European companies plans a major deal in 2010. Financially strong market leaders are most likely to strike early and to focus on relatively small, financially weak targets. Access to cash and careful preparation will separate the winners from the losers.
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