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  • Report
  • November, 2009
  • Lessons from Consistent Value Creators in the Consumer Industry: The 2009 Value Creators Report For Consumer Companies
  • Patrick Ducasse, Jeff Gell, Marin Gjaja, Eric Olsen, Frank Plaschke, Daniel Stelter
  • The key value-creation challenge for consumer companies in today’s postdownturn economy is sustainability: developing an approach to delivering above-average returns consistently and over relatively long periods of time. This report defines four pathways to sustainable value creation, based on analysis of the world’s top sustainable value creators in consumer goods, retail, and travel and tourism. It also ranks the top 25 sustainable value creators in the consumer industry, as well as the top ten in each of the three sectors.
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  • White Paper
  • October, 2009
  • Solar Storm: Navigating Through the Turbulence to Reap Value in Solar Energy
  • Philipp Gerbert, Holger Rubel
  • After several years of strong growth, the solar-energy industry has fallen on hard times, hurt by the economic downturn and regulatory changes in Spain, one of the industry’s biggest markets. This White Paper provides an analysis of the industry’s current status and prospects. It also maps out potential next steps for the industry’s major participants.
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  • Perspective
  • October, 2009
  • New Bases of Competitive Advantage: The Adaptive Imperative
  • Martin Reeves, Mike Deimler
  • As traditional strategies of position and capability become less durable, they must be supplemented with adaptive advantages, which include advantages in signals, systems, social value, simulation, and people empowerment. Organizations with adaptive advantage recognize the unpredictability of today’s environment and the limits of deductive analysis. They seek a favorable context in which new approaches to new problems can continuously emerge. Adaptive advantages thus enable them to unite reflection with execution and balance deduction with experimentation.
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