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  • Report
  • July, 2010
  • In Search of Stable Growth: Global Asset Management 2010
  • Kai Kramer, Brent Beardsley, Monish Kumar, Andy Maguire, Philippe Morel, Tjun Tang, Hélène Donnadieu, Gary Shub
  • Asset managers today face a host of tall challenges. An altered playing field, increasingly demanding investors, and a shifting product landscape are among the pressing issues at hand. Yet amid widespread uncertainty in the industry, there are solid reasons for optimism, such as an improving outlook for profitability. In BCG’s eighth annual report on the global asset management industry, the authors discuss the specific steps that asset managers must take to achieve leading market positions in the postcrisis era.
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  • Report
  • June, 2010
  • Accelerating Out of the Great Recession: Seize the Opportunities in M&A
  • Jeff Gell, Philipp Jostarndt, Jens Kengelbach, Alexander Roos
  • With signs of the global economy returning to growth, the decline in mergers and acquisitions that began with the Lehman Brothers collapse has bottomed out. BCG’s sixth annual M&A report includes a groundbreaking analysis of 3,500 deals from around the world since 1992 and identifies the characteristics that generate long-term value. Consolidation deals and cash-only transactions deliver higher short-term and long-term value on average. Acquisitions during downturns outperform those during boom times by 12 percentage points over two years. Despite persisting concerns about the outlook, there are attractive opportunities for companies that are ready to take advantage of them. Learn more about this publication via our video slide presentation.

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  • White Paper
  • June, 2010
  • Executing Change: Beyond the PMO
  • Perry Keenan, Rob Sims, Chris Barrett, Kimberly Powell
  • Today’s business environment often demands complex, high-risk change efforts such as aggressive cost reduction, ambitious revenue enhancement, or bet-the-future turnaround programs. But the traditional project management office (PMO) is better suited to running departmental projects on time and on budget than to managing complex, interconnected, cross-enterprise efforts. What’s needed is an SIO—a strategic initiative office that focuses on organizational alignment and value delivery. The authors explore which circumstances merit an SIO and offer guiding principles for success. Read

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