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  • White Paper
  • September, 2009
  • Come Out a Winner in Retail Banking
  • Kilian Berz, Vincent Chin, Andy Maguire
  • The economic fundamentals of the retail banking business are changing. Not only are deposit margins being squeezed by low rates, but the ability of banks to recover is being compromised by hypercompetition for funding and pressure from regulators on fees. As a result, the search for profitability is tilting permanently toward the asset side of the balance sheet. These trends not only threaten the viability of many banks but also create opportunities for institutions that astutely adapt their strategies and implement change quickly, efficiently, and effectively.
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  • Opportunities for Action
  • September, 2009
  • Seven Myths of the Downturn
  • Patrick Ducasse, Marin Gjaja, Karin Zimmermann
  • In hard times, people often prepare for the worst by talking about how much harder life could get. But if executives allow their worst fears about the recession—rather than a factual assessment of markets—to influence their decisions, they may miss opportunities. The authors subject the most pervasive myths about the current downturn to the reality of BCG’s experience in the field over the past year. Bottom line: there are many opportunities for growth and profit if companies know where to look.
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  • Report
  • September, 2009
  • IT Advantage (Fall 2009)
  • Wolfgang Thiel
  • This report, the second in BCG’s ongoing IT Advantage series, is a collection of articles focused on the topic of how the IT organization can maximize its contribution to the company—and how the company can optimally leverage IT’s capabilities. The articles comprise a mix of news, viewpoints, conversations, and hard data about best practices. The target audience is chief information officers and other C-level executives.
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