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  • Report
  • March, 2010
  • The Keys to the Kingdom: Unlocking China's Consumer Power
  • Jeff Walters, Hubert Hsu, Waldemar Jap, David Jin, Dave Kluz, Carol Liao, Vincent Lui
  • The rapid growth of China's middle and affluent class as it spreads from the coast to the northern and western provinces has magnified the complexity in serving these consumers. Not only must companies choose the right locations to enter, they must segment and cluster them to ensure competitive scale economies. Mistakes can be disastrous in a market as strategic as China. BCG has developed a flexible and field-tested methodology to help companies expand their footprint according to their specific needs and competitive dynamics.
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  • Perspective
  • February, 2010
  • Signal Advantage
  • Martin Reeves, Stephen David, Mike Deimler, Wolfgang Thiel, Rob Trollinger
  • Signal advantage—the ability to rapidly capture, interpret, and act upon signals gleaned from rich and dynamic data—is essential today, when key business variables are volatile and difficult to forecast. Companies must act quickly on the right signals to modulate their operations, reinvent business models, and even reshape the information landscapes of their industries. This Perspective discusses how companies that are acquiring signal advantage are rethinking their approach to information and shifting from knowing and optimizing to learning and adapting.
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  • White Paper
  • February, 2010
  • Time to Engage—Or Fade Away: What All Owners Should Learn from the Shakeout in Private Equity
  • Heino Meerkatt, Heinrich Liechtenstein
  • Private equity and other investors have learnt from the crisis. They will increasingly base their investments on the question: “Is the owner engaged as a true owner that creates operational value rather than value driven by financial levers?” This report is based on our private equity database, interviews with private equity investors and over 100 academic articles. Developing a framework for operational value creation, it addresses the question what owners (public, private, family) can learn from private equity firms in order to improve the competitive position of their company.
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