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  • Report
  • March, 2010
  • Stimulating Economies through Fostering Talent Mobility
  • Rainer Strack, Jens Baier, Jean-Michel Caye
  • BCG and The World Economic Forum analyzed 22 countries across 12 industries to highlight upcoming talent shortages and engaged more than 80 experts to discuss recommendations to increase global talent mobility. The project has been presented in Davos to discuss analysis and share recommendations with a highly demanding audience including Nobel Peace Laureate Elie Wiesel, the head of the OECD, and other high ranking academics and senior executives. The report outlines recommendations for governments, to improve employability of the workforce and attract highly skilled migrants. It presents as well recommendations for multinational companies to improve their talent management strategies as many businesses within five to ten years will face sizable talent shortages and should leverage talent mobility.
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  • Report
  • March, 2010
  • IT Advantage: Spring 2010
  • Wolfgang Thiel
  • This report, the third in BCG’s ongoing IT Advantage series, is a collection of articles focused on the topic of how the IT organization can maximize its contribution to the company—and how the company can optimally leverage IT’s capabilities. The articles comprise a mix of news, viewpoints, conversations, and hard data about best practices. The target audience is chief information officers and other C-level executives. This issue features an interview with Derek McManus, CTO of Telefónica O2 UK.
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  • Report
  • March, 2010
  • Investment Banking and Capital Markets Report, Fourth Quarter 2009
  • Alenka Grealish, Robert Grübner, Shubh Saumya, Achim Schwetlick, Chandy Chandrashekhar, Tjun Tang
  • The investment banking industry staged a strong comeback in 2009. Net revenues (before write-downs) jumped nearly 50 percent to $311 billion, up from $213 billion in 2008. The recovery was fueled by trading revenues, particularly in fixed income. The surge in revenues, coupled with cost controls, resulted in a profit margin of 24 percent (the profit margin in 2006, by comparison, was 22 percent). The comeback is expected to lose steam in 2010, however, as markets continue to normalize.
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