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  • Focus
  • May, 2010
  • Winning in the Evolving Marketplace of Ideas: Intellectual-Property Strategy for the Twenty-first Century
  • Wendi Backler, Vladislav Boutenko, Steve Mallouk
  • Most senior executives recognize the importance of intellectual property (IP) in today’s economy. Yet few companies have a clear, comprehensive IP strategy that drives competitive advantage, protects the right to operate and innovate, and mitigates IP-related risks. Ten years ago, it may have been fine to delegate IP issues to the lawyers. Today, with a market quickly emerging for IP assets, a more hands-on approach to IP strategy is a necessity. For this you can thank nonpracticing entities.

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  • White Paper
  • May, 2010
  • The Adaptive Public-Sector Agency
  • Larry Kamener, Martin Reeves, Jeffrey Chua
  • To adapt to a dynamic world of increasing information and constantly shifting variables, as well as meet rising expectations for service delivery, the public sector must be able to detect signals in the environment and act upon them promptly. Attributes of organizations that have overcome barriers to adaptability include modular organizational units, free-flowing knowledge and power, few guiding principles, adaptive values, and leadership through context setting. These organizations not only operate differently but also think differently about strategy and leadership. Read
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  • Report
  • May, 2010
  • China’s Digital Generations 2.0: Digital Media and Commerce Go Mainstream
  • David Michael, Yvonne Zhou
  • China’s Internet user base reached 384 million in 2009, more than in the U.S. and Japan combined, and is expected to top 650 million by 2015. One of the most significant changes in online behavior in China is the embrace of e-commerce: some 8 percent of the Chinese population shopped online in 2009, projected to reach 19 percent in 2012. Any company committed to engaging Chinese consumers will need to grasp the trends and implications of their Internet-usage patterns.

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