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  • Article
  • January, 2017
  • Winning in IoT: It’s All About the Business Processes
  • Nicolas Hunke, Zia Yusuf, Michael Rüßmann, Florian Schmieg, Akash Bhatia, Nipun Kalra
  • A company with a clear vision of where the dollars are being spent in IoT—and by whom—can stake its claim in one of the biggest market opportunities of our generation. We identify ten IoT uses cases that are poised to take off over the next five years.
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  • Article
  • January, 2017
  • Why Project Managers Should Reward Bad News
  • Kosuke Uchida
  • “Tell me the bad news first” should be every project manager’s motto. But on many large-capex projects, bad news from the field doesn’t reach top management, and frontline teams may even have incentives to stay silent about incipient problems. Companies need an entirely different approach that truly informs decision making.

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  • Article
  • December, 2016
  • Value Creation in Chemicals 2016: Navigating the Territory of Extremes
  • Andreas Gocke, Yves-Pierre Willers, Hubert Schönberger
  • Total shareholder return for the chemical industry as a whole was disappointing over the past five years, but the top performers had some of the best returns of any industry. These companies stood out for their serial M&A capabilities, an ability to embrace complexity, differentiated business models, and a tendency to act against trends.
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