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  • Focus
  • December, 2016
  • How a Digital Storm Will Disrupt the Parcel and Express Industry
  • Rob Wolleswinkel, Vladimir Lukic, Jens Riedl, Thomas Steffens, Jacqueline Govers
  • A new wave of digitization is driving five potential disruptions in the parcel and express delivery industry. The sources and distribution of competitive advantage will change a great deal in the next decade. To stay ahead, established companies should shift toward a customer-driven, asset-light, and technology-based business model.
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  • Report
  • December, 2016
  • Sailing in Strong Winds: The New Normal in Global Trade and Container Shipping
  • Camille Egloff, Ulrik Sanders, Dinesh Khanna, Sanjaya Mohottala, Konstantina Georgaki, George Stratigis, Kirsten Xu
  • The global container-shipping industry faces stiffening headwinds. To survive, container carriers must continue to drive change aimed at boosting their performance. In-depth analysis reveals the powerful forces that are buffeting industry players and points to potent moves they can make, along with moves they should avoid.
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  • Article
  • November, 2016
  • Bringing the Sharing Economy to Shipping
  • Ulrik Sanders, Jens Riedl, Johannes Schlingmeier, Christian Roeloffs, Carlos Bowkett
  • Container repositioning is the bane of every carrier. But it doesn’t have to be. Online marketplaces can help carriers find container interchange opportunities and radically reduce repositioning costs. To get the most from these marketplaces, though, carriers must first learn how to use them.
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